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Top tips for success as an Amazon seller from the pros themselves.
How to locate jobs, as well as gather information for the one you have, using social media.
E-commerce and Social Media
Making money with YouTube videos
Making Money Online
The Second Edition of eBay PowerSeller Secrets is packed with up-to-date tips in effectively running a eBay store, selling and shipping internationally, finding little-known sources for products, advertising your wares, managing inventory, collecting payments, keeping records, and much more.
Making Money Online
Based on interviews with hundreds of PowerSellers, a fresh compendium of the best ideas we could uncover for growing your eBay business.
The inside scoop on getting the most from eBay, for both buyers and sellers alike! Short on boring descriptions, long on snappy stories, tips, and fun facts.
Popular Culture
Facts and figures about TV through the decades, with fabulous full-color print ads.

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How to Make Money with YouTube

HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE®: Earn Cash, Market Yourself, Reach Your Customers and Grow Your Business on the World’s Most Popular Video-Sharing Site shows readers how to use YouTube to make money. We provide in-depth coverage on everything from shooting and uploading videos to fundraising and marketing, to building buzz and getting videos noticed. The book is filled with valuable advice and practical tips to help readers maximize their earning potential on YouTube. In HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITH YOUTUBE® readers will also find real-life YouTube success stories from video makers who used the site to launch successful consulting businesses. For example, we cover the funny “Will it Blend?” video that brought thousands of new customers to a blender company's website by showing the company president blending everything from food to iphones, demonstrating how powerful their product really is.