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Things you Didn't Know About eBay

eBay Turns Its Battleship Around!

February 13, 2008

eBay announced it would drop its listing fees for many media sellers from .20 cents to .10 cents for auction listings for those starting under $1.00, beginning February 20. Further, eBay’s insertion fees drop from 40 cents to 25 cents for auction-style and fixed price listings that start at $1.00 - $9.99. eBay will also lower insertion fees down from 60 cents to 35 cents for auction-style and fixed price listings that start at $10.00 - $24.99.

This swift policy chance came as a direct of feedback it received from furious sellers at last month ecommerce summit, which featured 200 of eBay’s top sellers, perhaps 90% of whom were “disappointed in eBay’s announcements.

Just when we thought eBay had fallen off the cliff there’s hope that we may see a new eBay. After an announcement like this we have to ask, what’s next? Will eBay lower the listing fees for other categories as well? It sure seems that way. Best yet, eBay may take back its insipid edict that sellers may not leave negative feedback for buyers.

eBay is facing a forcible challenge from Amazon and an increasing number of niche online services like Etsy. Sure eBay can also count on larger sellers like General Motors, who will soon be selling used cars through the eBay Motors site. That’s ok, as long as the rest of us are heard too.

We’re 100% behind you eBay. Please don’t stop here.