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This was supposed to be the week that eBay sellers showed just how upset they were with the company by going out on strike. That is, by not posting any listings. Guess what? It looks like it didnít happen folks. Not in the numbers many anticipated, anyway. My own survey of top sellers, including members of the all-powerful Professional eBay Sellers Alliance, found that very few PowerSellers, at least, are participating in the strike. The numbers Iíve seen suggest listings are down anywhere from 3 to 16 percent. But that could be due to seasonal issues, or the fact that eBayís competitors are doing everything they can to win over sellers this week. Iím sure no one at the company feels the drop is a material one.

This is not to say the strike sizzled out completely. The media has been all over the story (what story there really is, anyway). There were definitely people who chose not to list this week. But the vast majority of successful PowerSellers walked right through the strike the way a tough boxer walks through a jab.

Here are some reasons why:

*Sorry, but these guys are too busy selling. They donít have time to strike and frankly they donít want to give up the income. Some of the PowerSellers I spoke with were not even certain of the details of the strike, like when it was!

*Many top sellers think the strike really wonít accomplish anything anyway. eBay is going to do what itís going to do, regardless of what a tiny percentage of its sellers do. Havenít any of these folks ever worked for a corporation? Itís all about the stock price guys. Thatís what management is ultimately paying attention to.

*A few sellers actually think the changes eBay recently announced are GOOD for their businesses, and are not about to strike. One seller I spoke with noted that this will force some sellers to raise their Customer Service standards, to ensure their overall ratings are high. Thatís a bad thing? Certainly not if youíre a buyer.

*Some sellers have left, or are leaving eBayís site anyway, and are busy moving their wares through other pipelines, such as Amazonís.
So despite the media circus, the strike has struck out folks.

Letís move on.