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Deb speaking at a recent seminar (photo by Graham Cullen, The Frederick News Post).


Writers, editors, speakers, consultants, online pioneersówe wear so many different hats that itís a good thing we have two heads!

As information professionals we focus on bringing the latest in technology to the attention of everyone who could benefit from knowing how to use it. Our goal is to make sure these new technologies are easy to understand and integrate into our readersí lives. While weíre busy researching the latest innovations, weíre also meeting people who are using them successfully and gathering their stories. We are, before all else, storytellers.

Look at it this way. Itís been a long time since most of us were fascinated by the magic of a microwave oven. But as mundane an appliance as it has become, do you know exactly how it works? Nah, neither do we. We honestly donít care about the technology behind it. We just want to know which buttons to push to make our coffee hot. Likewise, we canít begin to tell you how LinkedIn or YouTube have built their global networks, but now that they have, we can help you use them to make yourself more successful. We can also help you build a successful e-commerce business, if youíd like, whether on eBay, Amazon, or through your own website.

We have worked together for more than 25 years helping people become familiar with emerging technologies. From building a solar home, to convincing your boss to let you telework, to keeping your kids safe online, and earning your livelihood with your own e-commerce business, weíve dedicated ourselves to making the online world safer, more accessible, more profitable, and yes, even more fun.

Our 20 books include The Complete Passive Solar Home Book, How to Make Money with YouTube, and How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and other Social Networks. Our bestselling book is eBay PowerSeller Secrets, with more than 40,000 copies in print. Weíve also written extensively for the web, a whole different type of writing.

Whether you need an accomplished writer, a top-notch editor, a literary agent, or a consultant who can assist you with e-commerce or publishing, we can help. We bring creativity, energy, curiosity, and a passion for quality and results to every project. No project is too big or too smallóweíve worked with Fortune 500 companies such as McGraw-Hill, AOL/​Time Warner, and individuals working on Internet start-up ideas. If you need a clear understanding of how to make the best use of the worldís newest tools and want to be entertained while you learn, youíve come to the right place.


Winter 2016

Deb and I are writing for The Online Seller--a website for eBay, Amazon, and other online merchants from software firm Auctiva. We also write the monthly newsletter for the Used Truck Association (UTA), and are helping with their social media and PR. Brad's also consulting with first-time authors and e-commerce analysts and, (as always!), scoping out new projects.

Spring/​Summer 2015

So proud of Deb! The book she coauthored with John Lawson--Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: Itís Not About Likes--Itís About Sales--was named a 2015 Small Business Book Awards winner. It won in the social media category.


Winter 2015

Deb's book Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: Itís Not About Likes--Itís About Sales is getting great reviews on Amazon. Entrepreneurs tell us they find the book readable and full of great tips. That's just what we hoped we hear. We are also continuing to write for the Used Truck Association and the Auctiva e-Commerce website. Brad's been doing more consulting as well, for companies such as GLG.

How can we work together?

Winter/​Spring 2014

Deb's new book, Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: Itís Not About Likes--Itís About Sales, has been published! The book's message is that: It's not About Likes, It's About Sales! Co-author John Lawson is doing a great job promoting the book via social media. This is a book everyone connected with is very proud of. We know it will help a lot of people. Packed with info, and fun (NOT boring) to read.

Announcing Your Story Told

Everybody has at least one book in them, one story to share with the world. A cliche? Maybe, but you know it's true. So it's exciting to announce that Deb and I are now helping people write their first books through our new business, Your Story Told: From Ideas to Finished Books.

We love doing this because we can help people with every step of the process--from developing their ideas to selling their finished books. So if you have a story to tell, or maybe you just want a book "out there" to boost your own business, give us a shout and hear us out (!), about how we can work together. Just click on our email link in the box above this one.

Summer/​Fall 2013

McGraw-Hill has just published one of the books we've worked on as consultants, Wholesale 101: A Guide to Product Sourcing for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners. And Deb's in the final stages of the book she's co-authoring with John Lawson, Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Preneurs. In addition to watching Deb work hard, Brad's enjoying working as a literary agent. We also write web newsletters these days, including Industry Watch, the Used Truck Association's newsletter.

Winter/​Spring 2013

In addition to his editorial work, Brad is now working as a Literary Agent for Waterside Productions. He's working with authors of nonfiction works; especially in the areas of social media, social commerce, e-commerce, business and investing, general computer books, and Popular Culture.

Spring/​Summer 2012

The 2nd edition of How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is now available! Completely revised and expanded, the new edition has a chapter on Google+, and also a new chapter for students and recent grads. Deb and I poured our hearts and souls into this one because we feel helping someone find that next new job is one of the most most important things you can do. We've all been there. Job hunting isn't fun. But with this book you can take a lot of the guesswork and pain out the process. It's a quick read, with many stories of people who have successfully used social media to land new work, whether full-time, or as a freelancer/​independent contractor/​consultant.

More News!

We just completed a great interview with for an article called Make Social Media Your Job-Finding Weapon. They even used our quotes to create an entertaining slide show. The link for it is below the next bit of text.

The new book promotion is going great guns. New interviews with Investor's Business Daily and CBS News. Links below!
After the winter that wasn't we're now enjoying spring. Can summer be far behind?

We're thrilled to say that the Wall Street Journal named How to Find a Job on LinkedIn among the Best Career Books for 2012.

For this edition we added a chapter on Google+, as well as a chapter just for students and other recent grads. We also added many more stories about people who found jobs through LinkedIn or other social networks. We checked every fact and incorporated all the great feedback we received from our readers.

Our hope is that it helps many, many people in these difficult times. Job hunting's still hard, but in some ways it's "easier." Or at least the Internet makes it appear to be. Our book really shows you how to use social networks efficiently and productively to uncover new work opportunities. Plus, it's fun to read and what job hunter couldn't use a bit of fun?

In their March 18th (2013) edition, PARADE Magazine published our article on making money on eBay. It appeared in print in PARADE's 20 million newspaper supplements. Now we don't get the same thrill as we once did from seeing our names in print but this was different. Brad used to read PARADE magazine as a kid. He couldn't have imagined that one day an article he wrote would be included there!

Older but Still-Exciting News!

The National Press Club invited us to be among 75 authors presenting books at their annual Book and Authors Night. We presented How to Find a Job on LinkedIn.

Deb was recently profiled in our local newspaper, The Frederick News Post.

Click on the link below to hear our son Ethan covering the song Ohio. We don't know where he got his great voice, and ability to play the guitar so well, but we're amazed and proud. :)

Brad (in case you didn't already guess that).

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