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Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: It’s Not About Likes--It’s About Sales

Here's Amazon's edited description of this book, which Deb wrote with e-commerce brainiac, John Lawson.

It’s not about Likes—it’s about sales.

You’re not alone. Almost all businesses are marketing online these days—everyone tweets, posts to social networks, and blogs. What you’re doing now is not enough to make your business stand out.

Forget what “social media gurus” tell you. Being active on social media and being successful in social commerce are not the same. Simply getting a bunch of followers or Likes doesn’t cut it anymore.

In Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Preneurs, award-winning digital media strategist John Lawson and bestselling author Debra Schepp give you a straight-shooting, no-holds-barred guide to social commerce. In other words, they show you how to make money online using social media.

The only book covering all the major social media sites!

The guide for social-media job hunting—now updated to include Google+!

How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, Second Edition, gives you the tools to take full advantage of the bounty of opportunities to be found on the most popular sites. We provide the expertise and insight you need to:

Join networks
Create effective online profiles
Market yourself
Make valuable connections
Get recommendations
Find new leads

The Online Genealogy Handbook

If you're curious about your ancestors you're not alone. Genealogy is the 2nd most popular hobby in the US, and the fastest growing. For hundreds of years, amateur genealogists rooted around dusty libraries, obscure archives and collections, family keepsakes and more to gather and fit together the pieces of their family story. And they were happy as clams to do that, such was their passion. Then the Internet came along making gathering, sifting, and interpreting this information much easier. Yet, because there's so much information on the Internet you may find your wheels spinning endlessly as you hop from site to site. This book sorts out the genealogical information on the Internet, providing a clear road map so you know how to proceed. The book also covers how to build your own genealogical website, preserve your family history for future generations, plan research road trips and more.
The Online Genealogy Handbook

The Internet has made learning about one’s ancestors easier than ever. But it’s also given family researchers a tsunami of websites to navigate and explore, and that can cause confusion. Which ones are trustworthy, and which will leave them empty-handed? This friendly, easy-to-use guide helps would-be genealogists sort through the clutter, strike gold, and unearth the secrets of their family’s past. This book evaluates hundreds of resources (many not well known), recommends the best, offers proven advice for overcoming research obstacles, and explains how to verify the information that turns up. And we don’t limit the process to the Internet; we offer suggestions for projects readers can complete with their newly uncovered personal histories, encompassing everything from scrapbooking to family reunions.

Amazon TopSeller Secrets

The benefits of selling on Amazon are legion—sellers have found that they can charge more for their merchandise, avoid upfront fees, and deal with less-demanding customers. The opportunities for selling are endless—Amazon now sells products in more than 40 categories and is the web’s number one retailer with more than 81 million customers.

Amazon Top Seller Secrets shows readers why Amazon is the marketplace that will bring them more cash and more customers.

Includes full story-rich profiles of some of Amazon's top sellers.

Praise for Amazon Top Seller Secrets

“There’s much to know about selling on Amazon, and Brad and Debra Schepp’s Amazon Top Seller Secrets is the guide to starting off on the right foot. This is the book current Amazon sellers will wish they had when they started!”

— Ina Steiner, Editor of AuctionBytes.com and EveryPlaceISell.com

“The real-life stories are priceless! Learning directly from people who have successfully built their Amazon business is far better than learning the hard way on your own.”

— Brandon Dupsky, Managing Director, eCommerce Merchants; owner, OnFair.com

“Amazon Top Seller Secrets is the best guide avail­able to making money on Amazon.com today. It is full of detailed, helpful advice for entrepreneurs from true Amazon.com experts.” — Scott Fox, author, Internet Riches and E-Riches 2.0; www.ScottFox.com

eBay PowerSeller Secrets, 2nd edition

Another home run by the Schepps!
Brad and Debra Schepp contribute articles to AuctionBytes - there's a
reason I ask them to write for me. The two have immersed themselves in
the eBay selling world and know their stuff. They talk to PowerSellers
face-to-face at conferences as well as communicating with them online,
and that gives them keen insight into seller concerns and challenges.
Brad and Debra are great writers, and the 2nd Edition of eBay
PowerSeller Secrets is a worthwhile investment for online sellers.

Ina Steiner, Editor, AuctionBytes

This completely revised and updated edition of one of the bestselling eBay books (35,000 copies in print) includes:

Many new profiles of successful PowerSellers, the scoop on new services like eBay's Reviews and Guides, eBay's Web 2.0 features, Marketplace Research Reports, and ProStores. Also, how to make money from new advances in thinking, technology, and marketing, (like eBay’s thriving Affiliates program) and even selling through Amazon and your own website. Plus, we've added end-of-chapter checklists to help you stay on track!

eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas

Selling successfully on eBay is more challenging than ever. To help sellers break through all the many roadbloacks they face, we interviewed hundreds of PowerSellers and asked them for their best ideas. This all-new book presents the very best out of the many hundreds of suggestions we received.

Note: Whereas our first book, eBay PowerSeller Secrets, is a "best-practices" book, this one focuses just on the areas most challenging to sellers today. We present each idea and then offer key points for how to best put that idea to work.

"Brad & Deb Schepp really know how to give eBay sellers what they want! As a long-time eBay PowerSeller and Certified eBay Education Specialist, I know first-hand, what it takes to become successful and all the pitfalls that one must go through to obtain PowerSeller status. eBay PowerSeller Million Dollar Ideas has it all! The information is invaluable and easy to read. I learned so many new ways to save time and money, just in the first few chapters and there are sooooooo many fabulous tips and tricks, that it was hard to figure out which one I wanted to try first!

I really enjoyed reading about all the different ideas of my fellow PowerSellers and felt like I had made a whole new group of friends, after reading all of the "Meet A PowerSeller" profiles. The personal touch was a great addition to all the technical information.

"This book is a must-read and well worth the cover price, as the book will pay for itself over and over again. This will be required reading for all of my future eBay students!"

-- Stephanie Inge aka Stephintexas

eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay's Most Successful Sellers

Now in its 6th printing with 30,000 copies in print!

"One of the most comprehensive books about eBay selling. The Schepps have consulted some of the BEST eBay sellers to get a complete picture of what it takes to succeed. The MANY tips in this book can accelerate the growth of your business."
--Andy 'Roo' Mowery, Platinum Level eBay Power Seller

"The best book on eBay so far!!! I've read many books on eBay. This book has more useful advice than all the rest combined. The excellent research is evident throughout this easy-to-ready volume. This is not one of those books promising instant wealth from eBay. It is a practical how-to guide that covers all aspects of selling on eBay. This book is valuable to eBay beginners and experienced eBay sellers alike. This is my first review. The excellence and utility of this book motivated me to take the time to share my thoughts on why all eBayers should own a copy."
--Rory L. Ward

How eBay Really Works

There are now more than 200 million eBay users, and by the time you read this that number will have grown. A lot. Here are insider tips and strategies for both buyers and sellers who want to learn how to get started and take advantage of the greatest tool ever devised for bringing sellers and buyers together. For buyers we give the basics you’ll need, but don’t shy away from the tough questions like: What do you do if you don’t receive your item? Is it really safe to buy big-ticket items like cars and houses? Sellers get all the info they need but also answers to questions like: Are eBay’s listing enhancements really worth the cost? And when are you better off listing your product on a different site? With interviews and advice from successful buyers and sellers, simple Quick Start lists, and a glossary that makes a handy reference to terms you need to know, this authoritative guide offers the straight scoop on getting the most out of the Web’s greatest marketplace.

TV Wonderland: The Enchantment of Early Television

America's obsession with television started more than 50 years ago when the first TV ads began defining suburban families by the size, color, and features of their televisions. TV Wonderland looks at the unique history of the television through the lens of advertising: the campaigns, slogans, and sales pitches.

Enjoy fascinating tidbits about....

Uncle Miltie
Howdy Doody
Captain Kangaroo
The Twilight Zone

and many more of your favorite shows...

The Telecommuter's Handbook: How to Earn a Living Without Going to the Office

This invaluable guide for would-be telecommuters describes telecommuting programs at 100 companies, including AT+T, the federal government, and Hughes Aircraft. It also describes the best jobs for telecommuters. There are plenty of tips you can use to get telecommuting underway at your company. It even includes a memo you can adapt that makes a case for telecommuting. The only book of its type--essential reading for would-be telecommuters, as well as the 9 million people already telecommuting.